Geschreven: december 25, 2023 4:51 pm

It is known that I am not very enthousiastic about Mars. I hear others discussing about colonizing the planet, want to live there. It is a dead toxic planet. I don’t share the hysteria of Elon Musk to occupy Mars. We don’t have the technololgy to go there. Because of the radiation people would be dead before arriving there. And even if you should arrive then on the surface of the planet the radiation is deadly too. You could only survive underground. Why go to a planet to live underground?

Planet Mars had a simular start as Earth but lost most of its atmosphere and lost its magnetic field. It is good to send our robot rovers to do the searching for us. To search for evidence that there once was life.

We are good at that, sending robot rovers on a mission. We should do that to other planets aswell. And we do that.