Personal development is a quest, a journey of discovery towards more freedom and inner peace. It is a journey through the levels of development. These levels of development are not there to judge whether someone is highly developed or not. These levels are a guideline, they are our road signs that help us to continue our journey. There are various development models with their own levels. I like simplifying something like that, making it usable so that we can apply it in our lives. That is why I use, among other things, a model from integral psychology with the following levels; egocentric -> ethnocentric -> worldcentric -> cosmocentric.

This model briefly summarized; From the I-thought, the development will continue to the we-mind as family, colleagues, compatriots, people with the same interests and are part of it. Then there is a level where you think and act on a global level where an awareness develops of us as all living beings on this Earth, on this world and are part of it. An interest arises in others who are outside our immediate environment. And there is a search for possibilities to influence those others, whom we do not know, with whom we have no contact, in a supportive way. The highest level is all-encompassing, the big picture and the awareness of being part of it without losing your own identity in it.

This signage helps us to grow, to develop further. But why would you want to develop further? Personal development starts with clearing your own mental clutter. You learn to deal with your emotions differently, you learn to make your ego healthier and stronger. You discover that there is more than one truth, that you are just as important as anyone else. You learn to improve your communication with others as well as with yourself. You will discover what you really want in this life and how you can achieve it. You learn to create and make choices. All this brings more and more freedom, more and more inner peace.

During this journey you will encounter barriers, but they will not prevent you from continuing your journey. You will meet people who accompany you on your journey and when the time comes you will also say goodbye. Currently, many people are in the ethnocentric level of development. My belief is that if more people grow from that level to the next level, the world-centric level, this will bring a better society. Your further personal growth has a supportive influence on your environment, both on your immediate environment and on a global scale. There is still a great way ahead of us.