Quality books

On this page you find interesting reading and listening books. These books are a selection out of my bookcase.

Exploring human nature, the never ending quest – Clare W. Graves
The origin and nature of life on Earth – Eric Smith and Harold J. Morowitz
A briefer history of time – Stephen Hawking
Astrophysics for people in a hurry – Neil de Grasse Tyson
Chaos, making a new science – James Gleick
Before the beginning – Martin Rees
Modern Astronomy – Niek de Kort
Guide in Astronomy – Carole Stott
Prehistoric animals – Ellis Owen
The Weather – Storm Dunlop
Earth – James F. Luhr
The universe, a journey through space and time – Nigel Henbest
A brief history of everything – Ken Wilber
Intergral vision – Ken Wilber
How to be a great communicator – Nido Qubein
Mindworks – Anné Linden