Our beautiful planet Earth

Geschreven: 24 februari 2024

From a very young age I am fascinated with the beauty of our home planet Earth. As a young boy I asked myself so many questions about where I live, on the planet I live. The land, beaches, mountains, forrests, seas, oceans and the animals living there . I was and still am so eager to learn about our planet. A bit older now and still curious and fascinated about our planet I walk along the same shores as I did when I was a young kid, enjoying the sound of the waves and the saulty smell of the sea water, seeing the seaguls flying low above the water looking for a meal or resting on the beaches.

The fact that our planet is what she is now is not because of one major thing. It’s because of a lot of things coming together that creates a possibility for a planet to evolve as a habitalbe planet as our home planet now is. A habitable planet does not neccesary has life. It has the possibility to harbour life. And Earth is full of life. This has not always been this way. Earth has a history of some mass extinctions but life always seemed to recover after such a period.

Earth is fascinating, beautiful also seen from space. We, you and I are very fortunate to be living on it.


Geschreven: 25 december 2023

It is known that I am not very enthousiastic about Mars. I hear others discussing about colonizing the planet, want to live there. It is a dead toxic planet. I don’t share the hysteria of Elon Musk to occupy Mars. We don’t have the technololgy to go there. Because of the radiation people would be dead before arriving there. And even if you should arrive then on the surface of the planet the radiation is deadly too. You could only survive underground. Why go to a planet to live underground?

Planet Mars had a simular start as Earth but lost most of its atmosphere and lost its magnetic field. It is good to send our robot rovers to do the searching for us. To search for evidence that there once was life.

We are good at that, sending robot rovers on a mission. We should do that to other planets aswell. And we do that.

SETI co-operaton

Geschreven: 6 september 2023

Some time ago, in fact many years ago SETI ( Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ) had a great idea. Seti searches with sensitive telescopes the universe for signals that could be coming from extraterrestrial intelligence. With this search al lot of data is gathered. I mean an lot of data. And that all has to be checked. Of course that can be checked by computers but still, that takes so much time. So the idea was to let it be checked by more computers, by many more computers. A simple and briljant idea. So they asked the public to help. With personal computers all over the world data could be checked. I loved the idea so I volunteerd and received the needed software and could download the data files. My personal computer checked the data at night when I was sleeping and I installed an alarm sound for when something interesting was found. After a few days or should I say nights I turned that off for obvious reasons. This way I and many others around the world participated in the SETI search. 
For more information about SETI; the research, the scientists and events check out the site at www.seti.org