I am fascinated with life, the universe and the Earth with the complex systems we are part of. I have always been and always will be curious about what is out there, about the answers on many questions that there are in space science and Earth science. I study, attend events, do research, write blogs and articles and give lectures about it. As a young teenager I saw in a bookstore a fantastic book about the history before humans walked the Earth. I had to have it and bought it. (Of course I still have it) Not long after this I gave my first public speaking on school about paleontology and did my first astronomy course. This fascination and curiosity never left me. I have completed an astrobiology course at the University of Edinburgh, an astrophysics course at the University of Australia and a paleontology course at the University of Alberta. Currently I am following a second course in astrophysics at the University of Australia. Whenever and wherever I can, I participate in events. I continue to develop myself through study and attending events and research.

For my own personal development I was searching for the right tools, for the right source for some time to lift me up to a next level. And after the many books I had read on this subject I found a way to continue my quest. I followed an master nlp practitioner course at Acturus, educational institute for growth and communication in Belgium. I also supported the institute as an assistant coach/trainer for 2 years for where I was the easy point of contact for the students and the antennae for the trainer. At that same time I followed the TCC course (transpersonal Coaching & Counseling). After that I followed a personal boundary course at the New York Training Institute for NLP what was for me a natural extension on the earlier courses.