From a very young age I am fascinated with the beauty of our home planet Earth. As a young boy I asked myself so many questions about where I live, on the planet I live. The land, beaches, mountains, forrests, seas, oceans and the animals living there . I was and still am so eager to learn about our planet. A bit older now and still curious and fascinated about our planet I walk along the same shores as I did when I was a young kid, enjoying the sound of the waves and the saulty smell of the sea water, seeing the seaguls flying low above the water looking for a meal or resting on the beaches.

The fact that our planet is what she is now is not because of one major thing. It’s because of a lot of things coming together that creates a possibility for a planet to evolve as a habitalbe planet as our home planet now is. A habitable planet does not neccesary has life. It has the possibility to harbour life. And Earth is full of life. This has not always been this way. Earth has a history of some mass extinctions but life always seemed to recover after such a period.

Earth is fascinating, beautiful also seen from space. We, you and I are very fortunate to be living on it.